Why Design Thinking?

Why Design Thinking?

Some Notes from a NASSCOM Conference

Find the right problems to solve.
Finding balance between desirability, Feasibility and Viability 
How would you play if you had no fear?

"We allow no geniuses around our studio."
"To have a great idea, have lots of them" 

Design Thinking Case Study - Assisted Traveller
Mrinal & Swathi (70+ couple, Kochi)
Mrinal & Swati are an elderly couple who always wanted to travel the world. Like most couples, they got busy in their professional lives and devoted much of their time bringing up their kids. They religiously plan their year, first by visiting their grand children and then one international destination. They have been doing this for over five years, but feel restricted by their age and prefer more domestic destinations now.

Design Thinking Challenges: -
1) As they enter the airport, see the long queues and feel intimidated seeing the running youngsters, and feel they might not be able to reach the counter.
2) Check in - Is it possible to get the luggage picked up from home by the airline tie up with an app cab service provider - Uber / Ola or any other appointed agency?
3) Security Checkin - Getting anxiety of the gold chain and bangle being parted away.
4) Experience - Feels like a burden when asked for a wheel chair.
5) Board - Hope to get quick access to washrooms and the seat to be closer to that.

Intuitive Assistance from Airline crew for the whole process of boarding. (A marketing message from Airlines to gain market share)
This makes them feel comfortable and assured that they will not miss the flight with seamless security checkin and separate queue for people above 65 years.