Five Star Framework for Business by Ideazfirst

Businesses Re-classified using 5-Star Framework by Ideazfirst

Is there an ideal organization structure which fits all types of organizations in the world whether they are manufacturing, services oriented or government organizations? Yes, there is one structure that is divinely designed by Nature and its five elements - its flawless and perfect.

Business re-classification based on Nature, five elements and gender

Nature and the elements are infinitely organized. There are five elements i.e. Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth which interchange forms dynamically and sequentially as a part of a natural rythm. And there are two aspects in most living beings - Male and female or better still - Adam & Eve
Adam represent the mass production or manufacturing operations, and with lesser orientation towards personalized and customized services. We derive this logic from the fact that one hundred million identical sperm cells are released in one ejaculation by a healthy man. 
Eve represent service-based operations, with higher customized and personalized offerings also leading to more emotional connect and sensitivity. Again, this logic is derived from the reproduction system where the baby is incubated based on only one sperm fertilized with one egg. 

We have code named this as Ideazfirst Five Star Framework as it's based on five elements and two genders, we can classify all the business and government functions into a total of 10-point classification. This framework is derived from the ancient Hindu Vedic texts i.e. Pancha bhoota which is the basis of cosmic creation

How does it help or why should anyone consider this as a management thought - The Five Star framework offers unique and systematic solutions to business problems, for example it helps in designing your business blueprint, process workflows, identifying key clients, vendors, and partners for your business, also helps in planning your marketing activities and fuel it for growth. 
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The Elements are represented as E1, E2, E3, E4 and E5 and the male aspect is represented by alphabet A (Adam) and female aspect is represented as alphabet E (Eve) as below: - 

E1 - Ether based business - Ether based companies are companies that manufacture products and deliver services that deal in ether - i.e. sound, spirit, knowledge. This is represented in Blue as the third colour of the rainbow. 

E1 A - Equipments and devices that help in capturing, creation and sharing of ether in both industrial and consumer space are classified in this section.
Computers, File Servers, Storage devices - Microsoft, Dell, IBM, JBL, Sony, Bose
Mobile devices, telephony systems - Apple, Samsung, NEC etc
Audio devices, sound systems - JBL speakers, Harman - Soundcraft Audio Mixers,
Musical instruments - Fender, Gibson,
Publishing companies - Printed Books & magazines, audiobooks, digital books, etc.
Stationery Companies - Notebooks, Pens, Pencils etc.

E1 E - Services that help in capturing, creation and sharing of knowledge and information. Sectors of companies are -
Software, SaaS, based Companies - Google, Apple, Microsoft, Zoho, Amazon - IMDb, Amazon Web Services,
Online Database Subscription 
News and media - Times of India, Zee News,
Marketing Research - Nielsen, Gartner, IQVIA,
Consulting services - McKinsey, BCG, Bloomberg,
Audio Recording labels - EMI, Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, and Warner Music Group.
Music subscription - Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, Youtube Music, Vevo
Public Relations companies - Reuters, PRNewsWire,
Spiritual organizations like Yogoda Satsanga Society, Self Realization Fellowship, Pranic Healing Institute, Art of Living etc

E2 A - Medical equipments and medicine manufacturing companies - Sun Pharma, Divis Labs, Cipla, Dr. Reddys Labs
Readymade garment manufacturing for both men and women like Shirts, trousers, sarees, etc. - Arrow, United Colors of Benetton, 
When the garment manufacturing companies also retail their garments through their own flagship stores then they fall into both E2A and E2B category - Turtle, Raymonds etc. 

E2 E - Fashion designers - Manish Malhotra, Sabyasachi, Neeta Lulla, etc.
Teachers & Educational Institutes - Heritage Institute of Technology, Harvard Business School, IIT, IIM etc.
Doctors & Hospitals and Nursing homes - Apollo Hospitals, 
Lawyers & Law firms - Fox & Mandal, 
Tours and travel companies - MakeMyTrip, (however all the travel websites which just review and share travel information like would come in E1 A category)
Clubs and Associations - Indian Chamber of Commerce, CII, Advertising Club, Tollygunge Club, Bengal Rowing Club etc. 
Social Media Networking companies - Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram etc.
Manpower firms - placement consultants, Temp staffing and contract workers providing companies - ABC Consultants
Trainers & Training & development firms - 
Non-Profit, NGOs, Social cause organizations, Insurance companies like LIC - managing fear of uncertainty - managing emotions

E3 - Fire based business - Fire based companies are companies that manufacture products and deliver services that help in managing visual appeal, food and all inflamatory products like electricity, fuel etc. This is represented in Yellow as the fifth colour of the rainbow. 

E3 A - Visual Electronic devices like TV sets, Mobile devices, Tablets - LG, Sony, iphone, ipad, 
LPG Cylinders mfg - Bharatgas, Indane Gas,
Petroleum and diesel production / refinery - Indian Oil Corporation, HPCL, Bharat Petroleum, Reliance Petroleum
Electricity producing companies,
Wires and cables for electrical transfer

E3 E- Entertainment content producing companies which appeal the ears, feelings and eyes i.e. Photography, Films, Dance, Comedy, Music reality shows,
Cinema halls - Inox, PVR, Auditoriums, Drama and Theatre,
OTT Platforms - Netflix, Amazon Prime etc.
On demand and customized food delivery companies, Restaurants, Electricity delivery - CESC etc

E4 - Water based business - Water based companies are companies that manufacture products and deliver services that help in managing the water element and design, planning, reproduction systems. This is represented in Orange as the sixth colour of the rainbow. 

E4 AWater cleaning - water filters, water storage like - utensils, transfer companies like water tanks, taps, pipes, bathroom fittings, contraceptive or birth control products like condoms, Personal Hygiene products like - sanitary napkins, diapers, etc

E4 E - Creative & Design agencies offering design and planning services fall under this category. Some categories are advertising design, Architecture design, Interior design, Organizational Design, Industrial design i.e. Ogilvy, JWT, IDEO. Interestingly this category also includes the oldest business in the world, i.e prostitution services. And includes pornography websites offering subscriptions and sexual wellness services.

E5 - Earth based business - Earth based companies are companies that manufacture products and deliver services that help in managing the earth element - touch, see, taste and feel element. This is represented in Red as the seventh colour of the rainbow. 

E5 A - Almost all the product manufacturing companies which do not fall on the above categories can be grouped here. For example - 
Food and Agriculture production - Farmers
FMCG manufacturing companies - Hindustan Unilever Ltd, ITC, P&G,
Real estate development companies,

E5 E - Banking and financial services like Home Loans, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, State Bank of India, Axis Bank etc. 
Shares and Mutual funds trading companies,
Brokerage services - Real estate brokerage, stock broking firms, 
Audit and Accounting companies - PwC, KPMG, Deloitte & Touche
Event management companies - Pico, Wizcraft
Real estate - serviced office companies like Regus,
Hotels & Hospitality Businesses like Marriott, Westin, Hyatt, Taj Group, Oberoi Group
Please note that all the allied services that support the respective business categories will fall under the same business classification. 

All humans worldwide look the same with the organs and body parts aligned in the same fashion, it's just that some organs and skillsets are stronger than others in specific tribes and species. Hence, we can safely derive that all businesses can have the same organizational structure and process workflows irrespective of the type of industry they operate in. The only difference would be in the capacity and skill of certain departments. 

For example all the ether-based businesses will have their vendors as earth-based business and clients as air-based business and so on and so forth.
We are updating the best practices in organizational structure design for all industries and 5 star framework for Governments and is available for all users. 

Related Notes - 
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Rajesh Kishanpuriya, Founder and CEO of Ideazfirst has conceived this framework and its copyright work. PLEASE DO NOT COPY OR TRANSFER THIS INFO BY ANY MEANS. Ideazfirst is a pioneer in organizational classification and design based on nature and its five elements. It's a new dynamic thinking, visualized by Rajesh K during one of the meditations. We are researching more in this area to gather more real life case studies and success stories. This is the first-time business classifications that have been derived from nature and five elements.  

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