Ideazfirst five star framework for Indian Government Bodies

Ideazfirst Five Star Framework - Indian Government

Government Department Classification based on Nature, five elements and gender

Nature and the elements are infinitely organized. There are five elements i.e. Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth which interchange forms dynamically and sequentially as a part of a natural rythm. And there are two forms in all living beings - Male and female. Government classification and categorization based on nature and its elements is a new dynamic thinking, which was visualized during one of the meditations by the author.
Male can represent manufacturing operations and female can represent service-based operations. Manufacturing or Male business represents mass production, with lesser orientation of personalized and customized services. While services or female business represents customized and personalized offerings with focus on emotional connect and sensitivity.

Code Named - Ideazfirst Five Star Framework is based on 5 elements and two genders, here we will classify the government functions of India into a total of 10-point classification as below: - 

E1 - Ether based government functions are the planning and implementation of policy and process matters of the respective state or country that deal in ether - i.e. sound, spirit, knowledge 

E1 A - Equipments and devices that help in capturing, creation and sharing of ether in both industrial and consumer space are classified in this section.
Government domains -, cloud servers like Meghdoot
Government Publications - Printed Books & magazines, audiobooks, digital books, etc.

E1 B - Services that help in capturing, creation and sharing of knowledge and information. Government services in this section are -
Judiciary Law and order rules - ie Supreme Court and High Courts, Policies in various sectors of economy like education, External Affairs, Finance Policy by way of managing Reserve Bank of India, Direct and indirect taxation, Export and import policy, Agriculture policy, Company Law Board, Government spokesperson / Public Relations, Competition Commission of India 

Storage, retrieval and security of Public databases by Digital Locker Authority like Aadhar - UIDAI, Income Tax & PAN Details, Passport Data, Education details, Driving License, Motor vehicles, Company Data on Ministry of Corporate Affairs etc. 
Research and Development in areas of Space, Satellite, Defense, National Digital Library
Banking etc.

E2 A - Manufacture of defense equipments and medicines like vaccines for mass usage. Food supplies Readymade garment manufacturing for both men and women like Shirts, trousers, sarees, etc

E2 B - Recruitment and Appointment of personnel in key government departments like appointing Chief Ministers by way of voting system, Governor, Judges for Supreme Courts, High Courts and District Courts, Police department, Defense department, 
Educational Institutes like IIT, IIM, ICAI and other Government aided & managed schools and colleges
Government hospitals and clinics. Doctors, State Legal services, 
Tourism promotion - Central Tourism promotion like - Incredible India, state tourism departments like - Kerala Tourism, WB Tourism,

Training & development,
Digital India, Common Service Centres, Investor Education and Protection Fund, Non-Profit, NGOs, Social cause organizations, Insurance companies like LIC - managing fear of uncertainty - managing emotions

E3 - Fire based Government operations - Fire based companies are companies that manufacture products and deliver services that help in managing visual appeal, food and all inflamatory products like electricity, fuel etc. 

E3 A - TV sets, Mobile devices, Tablets, LPG Cylinders mfg, Petroleum and diesel manufacturing, Electricity producing companies, wires and cables for electrical transfer

E3 B- Entertainment content producing companies which appeal the ears, feelings and eyes i.e. Photography, Films, Dance, Comedy, Music reality shows, Cinema halls - Inox, PVR, Auditoriums, Drama and Theatre, OTT Platforms - Netflix, Amazon Prime etc. On demand and customized food delivery companies, Restaurants, Electricity delivery - CESC etc

E4 - Water based Government operations - Water based companies are companies that manufacture products and deliver services that help in managing the water element and design, planning, reproduction systems

E4 A - Water cleaning - water filters, water storage like - Central Ground Water Board, Jal Jeevan Mission

E4 B - 

E5 - Earth based Government operations - Earth based Government functions include Infrastructure & construction services related to earth element - touch, see, taste and feel element 

E5 A - Infrastructure development like building railway networks, roads, bridges, airports, Almost all the construction services which do not fall on the above categories can be grouped here. For example - Transportation Department, Real estate development, Airports Authority of India

Ministry of Corporate Affairs has the following subsidiary organizations 

Real estate governing bodies like RERA, CREDAI
Tourism promotion ministry both in centre and state

This unique framework helps in identifying the workflows, key clients, vendors, and partners for your business. This also means that all businesses can have the same organizational structure irrespective of the type of industry they operate in. The only difference would be in the capacity and skill of certain departments. All humans worldwide look the same with the organs and body parts aligned in the same fashion, its just that some organs are more stronger than others in specific tribes and species.

For example all the ether based businesses will have their vendors as earth based business and clients as air based business and so on and so forth. Helps in planning your marketing activities and fuel it for growth. We are coming up with the same framework for Governments and will share the same shortly.
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