Ideazfirst Five Star framework for Climate Change

5 star framework for Governments - Consulting for Climate Change impact reversal

Our climate consulting services are based on the Ideazfirst 5 star framework and the five elements i.e. ether, air, fire, water and earth.
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Step 1 - After being appointed we would require the following data from the Government with full details - photographs, videos, other references. 

  1. Ratio of land area of the country with natural water bodies, dams, forest cover, agriculture and constructed areas for homes and infrastructure. 
  2. Population data with food habits, occupation, total agricultural produce, historic weather data and the forecast
  3. Major industries and their respective raw material - inputs and finished goods / service output delivered, and the type of pollution generated and procedures implemented to reduce pollution currently followed.
  4. Soil test reports with their respective water retention capacities and underground water levels. 

Step 2 - We would then require to conduct an arial survey of specific areas affected with climate issues, and convert the symptoms and climate information into the related human body disease, as we consider Earth and the atmosphere as a human body.

Step 3 - We derive solutions for that related human body disease from Naturopathy, Ayurveda and Pranic Healing as to offer permanent solutions for reversing the climate damage due to imbalance of the natural elements. 

Step 4 - We will offer the solutions to balance the five elements (i.e. increase or reduce a specific element to mitigate the climate challenges) . Implementation of our solutions is ideally done by the Government appointed agencies. However, working with environment departments and Climate Action teams will work slowly and can never be long term and sustainable. 

For a faster implementation and action, we would identify five diverse segments i.e. Government Departments, Business Communities, Not for Profit organizations, Press and Media and Common Public, and offer active consultations and guidance to resolve the climate issues.

Please also check out this video - Team Ideazfirst would periodically meet and oversee the implementation status to ensure there are no gaps in the same. Please email us with details on Climate issues being faced and their frequency and intensity at for a customized proposal