How to identify the right cause for your Corporate Social Responsibility?

How to identify the right cause for your Corporate Social Responsibility?

When it comes to Corporate Social Responsibilities, (CSR) initiatives in India, companies prefer to choose common themes of welfare projects like tree plantation, child education, recycling etc. All of these are good initiatives, but they remain unnoticed by your key stakeholders.

Ideally Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives should reflect your corporate governance, brand purpose, mission, vision and values of the company.  Hence CSR should be planned in a strategic manner to reflect the corporate purpose. And, should be planned seriously by the top management.  
The thumb rule for the CSR teams of companies is they should support causes which retain and replenish what their products or services are using extensively from nature and community,
All the dairy and food companies dealing with ice cream, ghee, butter, cheese, or other milk-based products should actively help restore & flourish the Indian breeds of cows and serve to protect cows producing A2 Milk. Some CSR initiatives are as follows: -
  1. Creating awareness related to Indian Cow breeds and ways to preserve these breeds, and curbing artificial insemination leading to extinction of cow breeds
  2. Supporting and helping create & support gaushalas, installation of Gobar gas plants and help in creation of organic manure. 
  3. Working with Government bodies towards stopping smuggling and illegal slaughter of cows.

The following are some companies whose CSR initiatives should cover the above projects: - 
Milk, Curd, Cheese brands - Amul, Mother Dairy,
Ghee brands - Patanjali Ayurved, Sri Sri Tattva, Anik Ghee etc.
Ice-cream brands - Amul, Mother Dairy, Vadilal, Creambell, Hindustan Unilever Limited, Kwality Walls, Nirula's
Sweet brands - Haldirams, Bhikharam Chandmal, Tewari Sweets, etc. 

Similarly, the soap, detergent and cleaning brands and manufacturing companies should focus on reducing water pollution, as their products are the number one cause for polluting the water. 

And all the automobile manufacturing & allied spare parts companies should focus on reducing air pollution and global warming. Needless to mention, the exhaust of vehicles causes an increase in air pollution and heat in the environment.  

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