Support Desk of Ideazfirst Group

Ideazfirst Research & Knowledge Base

Ideazfirst Group is divided into three legal entities and hence has three knowledge base, community discussion boards & support desks as below: - 
  1. Guruspeak India & Save Cows India KB Index
  2. Ideazfirst Technologies Pvt Ltd KB Index
  3. Ideazfirst Marketing Services Pvt Ltd - KB Index is a brand owned by Ideazfirst Group and we offer holistic wellness workshops and healthcare solutions. Guruspeak is coming up with these ten self help books too.
This division has the following articles with links, for your quick reference. 
  1. Spiritual Art of Forgiveness - Steps & Procedure
  2. Gratitude Meditation - Twin Hearts Meditation
  3. How to Identify Careers that brings the best in you
  4. How does "Relationship Healing" work?
  5. How to Reduce Stress & Increase Bliss in your life?
  6. Cosmic Life Force & Five Elements
  7. Recommended Books
  8. How to raise your Child to be responsible citizen?


Please do check them out and we are sure you will find them informative and useful. Call us or email us for customized workshops or business solutions.
We look forward to your valuable suggestions, comments, and feedback on our community page.